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Site Credits

This website is the result of a collaborative research project by dedicated, industrious, and creative students in a Digital History course in Spring 2019 offered through the History Department at the University of New Mexico.

A huge thanks to the Center for Southwest Research for their research assistance!

Aaron Padilla - La Posada Dining Hall

Alyssa Bitsie - Communication and Journalism Building

Jessica Bowen - Humanities Building

Autumn Buckridge- Sara Raynolds Hall

Nick Christman - Yatoka Hall

Fred Gibbs - Mesa Vista Hall

Emily Hartshorn - University House

Maxine Porter - Anthropology Building

Johnny Desiderio - Coronado Hall

Armando Uyarra - Johnson Center

Jared Lucero - “Modern Art”

Jacob Brown - Dane Smith Hall

Mateo Quintana - Duck Pond